Comprehensive Pro AV-IT USB 10G (3.2 Gen 2) A Male to C Male AOC Active Plenum Cable 25ft

Sale price$274.46

Looking for a reliable and efficient solution to extend the distance of your USB connectivity? Look no further than Comprehensive's Pro AV/IT USB 10G Active Optical Plenum Cables! These bus-powered cables are the perfect choice for anyone looking to ensure consistent and reliable signal performance over long distances.

With their latest USB 3.2 Gen 2 technology, these active optical extended cables can support SuperSpeed 10Gbps data transmission and power delivery up to 4.5 watts in lengths of up to 50ft. Plus, their plenum rating makes them safe for commercial installation in-wall applications.

Specifically designed for business and education applications like U.C.C., Video Conferencing, Remote Work, and Learning, these cables are the perfect choice for extending USB webcams, PTZ cameras, keyboards, mice, USB Hubs, USB microphones, external drives, flash sticks, VR headsets, printers, scanners, and more.

Thanks to their integrated chipsets, these cables ensure end-to-end signal performance, providing you with up to SuperSpeed 10G performance at longer lengths of up to 50ft. And their thin, flexible design makes for easy installation, while their durable premium construction and molded strain relief ensure reliable data communication and prevent electromagnetic interference.

So why wait? Invest in Comprehensive's Pro AV/IT USB 10G Active Optical Plenum Cables today and enjoy reliable, high-speed USB connectivity over longer distances! Plus, with the included external power option, you'll enjoy added convenience and flexibility when you need it most.

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