Goldtouch Newtral 3 Mouse Wireless, Large, Black

GoldtouchSKU: EIM6YM704

Sale price$89.06

Are you tired of dealing with wrist pain and discomfort while using your computer mouse? Look no further than the Goldtouch Newtral 3 Mouse Wireless, Large, Black! This innovative ergonomic mouse is designed to prioritize your hand health, with features that go beyond just reducing wrist and forearm strain.

Thanks to its 33-degree slanted semi-fist shape and enhanced flange attachment, this mouse utilizes the gravitational force on your hand to provide precise control while minimizing pronation. Plus, with two grip options to choose from - the Precision Grip and the Ergo-Grip with full hand and wrist support - you can customize your comfort level for optimal use.

And with its 2.4 GHz wireless technology, you never have to worry about tangled wires cluttering up your workspace. The Newtral 3 Mouse also features 6 programmable buttons, allowing you to customize your navigation and work flow to suit your needs. Plus, the adjustable DPI sensor gives you ultimate control over your cursor movements.

Whether you're a graphic designer, gamer, or anyone who spends long hours using a computer mouse, the Goldtouch Newtral 3 Mouse Wireless, Large, Black is the ultimate solution to combat hand fatigue and discomfort. So why wait? Invest in your hand health today and say goodbye to wrist pain for good!

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