HighPoint SSD6204 NVMe Controller

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Driverless, Bootable NVMe RAID Solutions for Professional Applications, Industrial Solution Providers & VAR's

HighPoint SSD6200 series bootable NVMe host RAID controllers are built to tackle the demanding workflow and storage performance requirements of industrial workstation and server applications.

Wide Spectrum of Supported Operating Systems

Unprecedented NVMe Boot
Capability: SSD6200 series controllers are natively supported by a wide range of VM and OS platforms, including Linux, Windows & VMware. RAID configurations will automatically be recognized as single volumes; no driver required!

Simplicity Redefined

Configure arrays with the flip of a switch! No IT background? No problem! SSD6200 controllers are ideal for users of any skill level. Customers don't need to master a complicated RAID application to configure NVMe storage.

Optimizes Production Workflows:

One-Click RAID Creation enables Solution Providers and VAR's to optimize production workflows. The onboard RAID switch completely flattens the learning curve by eliminating the need for an interface or application. You don't even need an OS or input devices! Simply install the SSD's, plug in the card, power on the system and toggle the switch!

RAID Switch Settings:

Each controller features two hardware switches which can be used to configure one of 3 arrays modes (Mirroring, Striping and JBOD).

RAID Mode Selection

RAID Mirroring: Data Security | Zero-Downtime Boot Solution!

RAID Mirroring creates a secure backup of you bootable drive. The hidden "mirror"will automatically take over if the original fails.

RAID Striping: Full-Speed Ahead!

Maximize Performance & Capacity; RAID Striping combines multiple NVMe SSD's to boost performance and capacity.

Blisteringly Fast

A single SSD6200 controller can deliver over 7000MB/s of transfer performance using off-the-shelf M.2 NVMe SSD of any capacity. The massive transfer bandwidth and versatility enable solution providers to deliver custom-tailored NVMe storage for a wide range of customer applications.

Distraction-Free, Zero-Noise Cooling Solution

The SSD6204 can operate in complete silence. The full-length black anodized aluminum heat sink and ventilated full-height bracket dissipate waste heat away from critical NVMe controller componentry and the M.2 NVMe SSD's without the aid of a cooling fan.

Intuitive & Streamlined Management Suite

To streamline the RAID creation and administration process, we have developed unique versions of our WebGUI and CLI management tools.
  • 2-4 M.2 Ports
  • Driverless NVMe RAID Solution
  • UEFI, CLI & WebGUI RAID Configuration & Management
  • Wide Spectrum of Boot OS Support
  • Rebranding MP-Tool WebGUI (available for System Integrators)

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