PNY NVIDIA RTX A5000 Graphic Card - 24 GB GDDR6

PNY TechnologiesSKU: EIM9BF170

Sale price$2,762.30

Introducing the game-changing NVIDIA RTX A5000 Graphic Card, designed to perfectly balance power, performance, and memory. This state-of-the-art graphics card is powered by the NVIDIA Ampere architecture, which brings together real-time ray tracing, AI, and advanced graphics, unleashing a new era of immersive entertainment, innovative products, and breathtaking designs. Equipped with 64 second-generation RT Cores, 256 third-generation Tensor Cores, and 8,192 CUDA cores, the NVIDIA RTX A5000 can supercharge rendering, AI, graphics, and compute tasks with ease. And with an impressive 24 GB of GDDR6 memory, experience unmatched levels of detail and precision in your work. But that's not all. With the ability to connect two RTX A5000s via NVIDIA NVLink technology, you can unlock an incredible 48 GB of GPU memory, allowing you to work with larger models, renders, and scenes, tackle memory-intensive tasks like natural language processing, and run higher-fidelity simulations to enhance your product development process. With support for DirectX API and built-in 24 GB GDDR6 memory, the NVIDIA RTX A5000 provides a crisp and detailed display, delivering an unparalleled performance that will keep you at the forefront of graphics technology. And for enterprise deployments, its compatibility with NVIDIA virtual GPU software increases its versatility, making it the ideal choice for professionals in design, art, science, and research. Transform the way you work and realize

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