Silex BR-500AC Dual Band IEEE 802.11ac Wireless Bridge

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Unprecedentedly Secure, Efficient, and Reliable Wi-Fi Bridge

The BR-500AC allows any Ethernet-enabled device to join a secure wireless network with industry-leading security, including Wi-Fi Enhanced Open and WPA3-Enterprise with the most commonly used EAP types. Incorporating advanced features of 802.11ac wave2 such as MU-MIMO, the BR-500AC provides efficient wireless network with recent access points. Silex's proprietary wireless radio driver enhanced from Qualcomm's driver provides a reliable wireless connection required by commercial use where the reliability counts. Install Ethernet devices wirelessly in a place where running cable is complicated.

Features/Benefits | Connect Ethernet devices to your Wi-Fi network

The BR-500AC supports two connection topologies, a single client mode, and a multi-client mode. The BR-500AC seamlessly bridges an Ethernet device to 802.11ac wave2 wireless network in the single client mode. It can also bridge up to 16 Ethernet devices connected through a network hub to the wireless network.

Secure Wireless Connection with WPA3 and Enterprise security

The BR-500AC provides the latest Wi-Fi WPA security, WPA3, in conjunction with 802.1X authentication to offer WPA3-Enterprise wireless network security. For users who need PSK authentication, the BR-500AC also supports WPA3-Personal with the SAE method.

Fast-Roaming for mobility

The BR-500AC supports fast-roaming to add not only wireless connectivity but also mobility to an Ethernet device. The BR-500AC is the perfect solution for a medical cart and mobile workstation.

Efficient Wi-Fi Network by MU-MIMO/WME

The BR-500AC with MU-MIMO capable access point improves the Wi-Fi network efficiency by utilizing spatial streaming to access multiple MU-MIMO stations concurrently. The BR-500AC also supports WME (Wireless Multimedia Extensions) to prioritize the Ethernet device's packets to the Wi-Fi network for QoS.

MAC Address Filtering

The BR-500AH supports MAC address filtering. You can secure your home network using MAC addresses, unique identifiers found on every device. When you enable MAC address filtering, only devices you've enabled can be paired with the bridge and the network. It helps secure your network.

Easy Configuration for Quick Installation

The configuration of the BR-500AC is easy and quick through its integrated configuration web page or AMC Manager®. Even when you need a bunch of device configurations to install a number of the BR-500AC with a particular need, Silex will work with you to satisfy your unique requirement.

  • No need to run those expensive long cables, just use this wireless bridge to connect not just one but two of your existing wired networks to enjoy Wi-Fi
  • Gigabit Ethernet port for ultra-fast wired network speeds

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