Dual HDMI over CAT6 Extender - 1080p over CAT6 or CAT5e

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This HDMI® over CAT6 extender lets you extend two HDMI sources up to 90 m (295ft.), to individual HDMI displays over a single CAT6 cable. Designed for a simple, tidy setup, the extender also supports bi-directional IR control for added flexibility.

Dual source support

Reduce the need for additional equipment and cables, by extending two HDMI connections with a single CAT6 cable. Running only onecable can save cost on installation or enable you to extend two HDMI signals using an existing cable run. You can also use this 1080p HDMI extender to run separate video signals to the same display, for mission critical digital signage applications where if one signal goes down, the other can easily be swapped in it's place.

Bi-directional control

With bi-directional IR control, you can control your devices from either end of theextension, such as a Blu-ray™ player and laptop on one end and two TV displays on the other. Theextender includes an IR kit with discreet dongles that easily connect to both your transmitter and receiver, enabling you to remotely control any device you choose from either side of your extension.

Simplified setup

The simplicity of one-cable setup avoids the hassle of running multiple cables, while also reducing potential failure points. The included mounting hardware offers professional mounting options ideal for public spaces such as offices or auditoriums.

The TAA compliant ST222HDBT is backed by a 2-year warranty and free lifetimetechnical support.

  • Extend two separate HDMI sources to their own HDMI 1080p displays with one CAT6 cable
  • Support for bi-directional IR signals, for remote control from either end of your extension
  • Extend two 1080p source signals up to 90 m (295 ft.)
  • Includes mounting brackets

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