Wireless Presentation System for Video Collaboration - WiFi to HDMI and VGA - 1080p

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This wireless presentation system is a video hub that lets you share the screen from yourWi-Fi®enabled laptop, MacBookor Ultrabook™ on an HDMI®orVGAdisplay. It makes it easier than ever for users to collaborate and deliver presentations in boardrooms and office meetings, with intuitive controls and effortless screen sharing.

The presentation system features both HDMI and VGA outputsand supports resolutions up to 1920x1200 or 1080p. If you're looking to separatethe audio from yourHDMI video source, the wireless presentation systemincludes discrete RCA and TOSLINK audio outputs.As an added benefitthe wireless videohub hasa wired LAN connection enabling computers on your network that don't support Wi-Fi to collaborate, such as your media centeror boardroom desktop.

Streamline your digital collaboration

The presentation hub can help you boost office productivity, bymaking it easier to collaborate and communicate. You can share and switchbetween up to eight different computers to view documents and multimedia content, which eliminates the disruption of each user having to connect and disconnect each time they want to present information from their laptop.

Make notes and share files

The system takes collaboration a step further, with innovative features that help capture in-meeting discussions and ideas. You can write and draw directly on the presentation content, or highlight important areas of focus with document markup capability.

The presentation system also lets you transfer documentsto other meeting participants ordownload documents fromcloud applications such asDropbox, so you can annotate your presentation material then easily distribute the outcome of the discussion to your colleagues.

Bring your own device

With the videohub, you canturnyour VGA or HDMI television, monitoror projector into awireless display.

In Collaborationmode,you can usethe included nScreenShare software to quickly and intuitivelyshare your display between different computers. The software works with both Windows® and Mac computers, making it perfect for conference rooms and classroomswhere different platforms may be used.

In Wireless Displaymode,youcan mirror anydevice thatnatively supports wireless display, such asyourAndroid™ smartphoneortablet usingAllShareCast or Cast Screen applications, or yourWindows 8.1 laptop, UltrabookorSurface tablet.In Wireless Displaymode,you don't have to install additional software, ensuring it will work forBring Your Own Device (BYOD) applications atyour office.

Easier moderation

Unlike some wireless video systems that are difficult to configure,the wireless presentation hub keeps your meetings running smoothly with a simple and intuitive user interface. The software featuresa Moderator mode, which enablesyou to assign a leader --such as ateacher,instructor or meeting head --to better organize the session and control who is allowed to present andshare their screen.

Note: This product is not intendedfor high-definition video playback due towireless video performance limitations.

The WIFI2HDVGA is backed by a 2-year warranty and free lifetime technical support.

  • Share video wirelessly without the hassle of cables and clutter
  • Collaborate with co-workers by easily switching between devices
  • Intuitive operation with Windows and Mac computers
  • Supports HDMI or VGA monitors, televisions and projectors
  • Discrete RCA and TOSLINK audio outputs
  • Wired LAN connection for support with computers that don't have Wi-Fi

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