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Enhance your projector's performance with the BTI LAMP NEC NP28LP M302W M302WS M302X replacement projector lamp. Engineered to surpass the original lamp of compatible projectors, this lamp ensures optimal brightness and clarity for your presentations or movie nights.

  • Designed to work with various NEC projector models including M302W, M302WS, M302X, M302XS, M322W, M322WS, M322X, M322XS, NP-M302W, NP-M302WS, NP-M302X, NP-M302XS, NP-M322W, NP-M322WS, NP-M322X, NP-M322XS, this lamp offers a maximum life of 3500 hours, providing you with extended usage before requiring a replacement.
  • With a wattage of 225W, the BTI replacement lamp delivers exceptional brightness and color accuracy, ensuring vivid and sharp images on your projection screen.
  • The lamp comes with a compatible bulb encased in a 3rd party housing assembly, offering a cost-effective solution without compromising on quality. This makes it a suitable option for businesses, educational institutions, or home entertainment setups.
  • Easy to install, the BTI replacement lamp for NEC projectors can be quickly set up without the need for professional assistance, saving you time and hassle. Simply follow the user-friendly installation instructions for a seamless experience.
  • Whether you are replacing an old lamp or keeping a spare for emergencies, this new BTI lamp is a reliable choice to ensure your projector continues to deliver impressive visuals for your audience.

Technical Details:

- Compatible with various NEC projector models: M302W, M302WS, M302X, M302XS, M322W, M322WS, M322X, M322XS, NP-M302W, NP-M302WS, NP-M302X, NP-M302XS, NP-M322W, NP-M322WS, NP-M322X, NP-M322XS

- Maximum Life: 3500 hours

- Wattage: 225W

- Bulb Type: Compatible bulb with 3rd party housing assembly

How to Install:

1. Turn off the projector and allow it to cool down.

2. Locate the lamp cover on the projector and remove the screws to access the old lamp.

3. Carefully remove the old lamp and insert the new BTI replacement lamp into the projector.

4. Secure the lamp in place and reattach the lamp cover.

5. Power on the projector and reset the lamp usage timer if necessary.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Is this lamp compatible with other projector brands besides NEC?
A: The BTI replacement lamp is specifically designed for NEC projector models mentioned in the description. It is recommended to use the lamp with compatible projectors for optimal performance.

Q: How can I check if the lamp needs replacement?
A: Typically, a dimming projection or a message on the projector indicating lamp end of life are signs that the lamp needs replacement. Refer to the projector manual for specific instructions on checking lamp status.

Q: Does the lamp come with a warranty?
A: While warranties may vary, it is advisable to check with the retailer or manufacturer for warranty details regarding the BTI replacement lamp for NEC projectors.

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