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We are a reliable source for consumer, communication and data center technology products. Founded in Kansas USA, our philosophy is simple - to provide the best value to our clients with timely delivery and after sales support

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We operate a just-in-time inventory model where your order is directly shipped from our vendors and manufacturers.

Orders are shipped within 1-3 business days and can be tracked on our website.

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alexender chris

I’m a designer and I was unable to keep a check on my previous files because all my data was haywired. I finally ordered a 32TB storage device & now I have an organized source for all of my data


I was amazed by their speed of delivery and product quality. It was a great shopping experience with Pegasuss & i’ll refer it to anyone who is looking for computers, laptops or their peripherals.


I was confused when I started looking for a laptop for myself. I searched quite a few showrooms but I was unable to find a suitable one. But only after a few scrolls, I came across a product I fell in love with!


I rarely shop electronic goodies online. But from now on, if I require anything related to my laptop or data storage devices, I’m going to get back to Pegasuss

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